Media Support for Local Magic in the International Magic Scene

The last two months have seen many media features on how Singapore magicians and magic have gained mainstream prominence as well as international acclaim. We are just delighted that across the board, different media outlets have put us at the head of the pack and leading that charge.

The New Paper did an article today and we led the article with Ning’s historic headlining appearance at next week’s Southern England Magic Convention  (SEMC) as well as my lecture at the same event. “Two Singapore magicians are helping  put Singapore on the world map!”


Early this week, Channel News Asia featured us on Primetime Morning and in a written article. “Up-and-coming young magicians are emerging from Asia and thrilling international audiences. Singapore’s magic duo, ‘Magic Babe’ Ning and J C Sum, the first and only Asians to be invited to a magic convention in the United Kingdom, tell us what drives them as the new faces of an age-old art form.”

Teens featured Ning as Singapore’s only profesisonal female magician in their Feb issue. I will be featured in their special annual issue coming out in a few weeks. Teens also chose both of us to be the voice of magic to young Singaporeans with our own monthly page starting in the Mar 2009 issue.

Arts Jam (coming out next week) has featured us on their cover as well as a 7-page article on us. They highlighted our appearance in SEMC, Ning’s headline act and how my books are all putting Singapore on the magic map. This is great because Arts Jam has high readership with tertiary-level students and arts enthusiasts. Between Teens and Arts Jam, at least a new generation of Singaporeans are being exposed to local magic.


In late Feb, Ning will be on The Living Room, 93.8FM as well. The producer feels Ning is a great representative of local magic to the rest of the world and a strong voice from our ‘red dot’ of an island!

We are also optimistic that several other publications are also covering different projects that we have in Feb including “Ultimate Magic: Season 2”, Magic Day @ The Arena and our TV appearances on Ch 8!

One question we get often asked is whether it is our goal to perform overseas more, in order to get more international recognition. While we love to travel and bring our show to different countries, we don’t feel that that is the only route to take. We do reach out to people from all across the world with our live shows here and we are really proud to spearhead a significant number of high profile projects that raised the bar right here in Singapore for both local and overseas audiences.

It is common to hear that many artistes like singers venture to overseas market before finding success back home. But, honestly, home has been very good to us and it would seem we have been successful in reconciling art and commercial viability which has resulted in cracking the glass ceiling for magic here. There is still much we can do for magic in Singapore that will naturally contribute to Singapore as a tourism, M.I.C.E and destination hub in Asia. And, of course, we still travel frequently for one-off shows. We still do have more than a number of Aces up our sleeves but will play our hand only when ready…


About J C Sum

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