J C Sum Back on Channel 8 TV Primetime along with Magic Babe

It’s official. Homegrown magic will be back on weekly primetime TV on Mediacorp’s Channel 8! And, Magic Babe will make her debut on TV!

The last time I was on TV was during my 15-episode Street Magic segment on “Top Fun 9”. I still get high recognition from people off the street all the time from that series. (It helped that it had multiple reruns over the last 2 years.)

Since ‘Top Fun’, we have been approached many times to make an appearance for a variety show or ‘help’ out in a programme. However, none of the programmes fit our brand image or would give us exposure to our desired target audience. In many cases, there was hardly a production budget to speak of. As the Joker said in “The Dark Knight”, “if you are good at something… never do it for free.”

Fast forward to a few months ago, I was approached by an Executive Producer from Channel 8 to brainstorm ideas for a variety show. I invited him to watch “Ultimate Magic” whch blew his team and him away. One thing led to another and Ning & myself are now signed to have a weekly grand illusion segment on a upcoming primetime variety series. The show is sponsored by a tour agency and has a travel theme with an exciting international airport-themed set.

In the last year, Ning & myself have become de-facto magic tourist ambassadors of Singapore of sorts. This is mainly due our high profile projects such as our “Ultimate Magic” show which is endorsed by the Singapore Tourism Board (STB) as a product of Singapore (the first magic show to ever be endorsed) to our “Impossible Journey” teleportation of 3 people across the Singapore River (also the first ever mega event supported by STB) and our upcoming headline appearance at the Southern England Magic Convention where Channel News Asia acknowledged we are putting Singapore on the world magic map.

So, when this project came along, we felt that it was in line with our current portfolio of projects. In addition, the producer has been extremely understanding and has made every effort to meet our requirements and requests.

We will be featured in a segment specifically created for us to showcase our brand of “Urban Illusions in the City”. Expect to see signature illusions from our shows including original illusions never before seen on TV! Ch 8 audience will get to see me in another element and they will be introduced to Singapore’s only professional female magician!

The name of the shows is “Five Stars Carnival”  and episode 1 airs on 22 Feb 2009, Sun at 9pm. This weekend primetime slot on Channel 8 is the most-watched timeslot of the week in Singapore for any channel on TV! In normal cases, more than 800,000 people will see us each week. Let’s hope we contribute to the ratings for this show 🙂

Here are some sneak peaks at the ultra cool sets that will form the backdrop of our illusions!



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