A Touch of Asian Magic on Channel News Asia 19 Jan 2009

Ning & I woke up early today to head down to MediaCorp, specifically to the Channel News Asia studio for our interview on Primetime Morning. This is our first time on Primetime Morning, although we have been featured on CNA a couple over times.


The producer for the show was excited to have us because she felt our style and approach to magic was very modern and different from other local magicians she had encountered. This prompted her to have us interviewed when she learnt that we would be going up for the Southern England Magic Convention. In fact, this is the intro that they gave us:

“Up-and-coming young magicians are emerging from Asia and thrilling international audiences. Singapore’s magic duo, ‘Magic Babe’ Ning and J C Sum, the first and only Asians to be invited to a magic convention in the United Kingdom, tell us what drives them as the new faces of an age-old art form.”

The interview went well and I think our thoughts on magic and what we bring to the international magic arena is fresh and contemporary. CNA subsequently has done an entertainment feature on us… which is unexpected and really awesome. Read it and watch our interview here.



About J C Sum

International Headline Entertainer, Content Creator and Investor
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3 Responses to A Touch of Asian Magic on Channel News Asia 19 Jan 2009

  1. Aaron says:

    woke up early? wow man, you guys have a good life of sleeping later than 8.. guys like me gotta wake up at 6 plus..

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  3. Jack says:

    ahha.. people work from late morning to late night you know.. you probably work office job, 8 to 5. they probably work like 12 pm to 10 pm kind of schedule..

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