The Real Secrets of Ultimate Magic!

We have been staging the 2nd season of “Ultimate Magic” for almost two weeks now and are well-settled with all the new material. But the ‘real’ magic does not just happen on stage but occurs everyday backstage as well.

As The Arena operates as a club at night with a full band, we have to completely vacate the main stage and stow our entire show equipment and props into a tiny backstage area. This reminds me of reading in MAGIC Magazine years ago on how Rick Thomas’ illusion show (then at the Tropicana in Las Vegas) had to share the stage with the night show and had to pack up and down his show every single day too.

Now, this is where the ‘real’ secrets of “Ultimate Magic” lie. We have to fit an 8ft industrial fan, a large platform for our “Dreamscape: The Realm of the Sandman” levitation illusion, 4 more major illusions and the rest of the show in this tiny 100+ square foot backstage space.

But, we do it everyday. The backstage configuration of Season 2 is completely different from Season 1 and the props are even larger, but we still have managed to fit everything in.

Our team backstage, headed by Larry, has been doing a fantastic job. He leads the rest of us on how to set-up and pack down the show each and every day. When we first loaded in, I worked with him to ‘figure’ out how to fit everything into the tiny backstage, without needing to break down our props.

Check out the packed backstage before and after the show each day!



Great job guys!!!! Keep it up!


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One Response to The Real Secrets of Ultimate Magic!

  1. Jack says:

    wow, it really looks sophisticated.. i guess you must be a master at carpentry or design too.. being able to design and build all those stuff for magic must be really difficult..

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