Another Ultimate Magic Review

Here’s another “Ultimate Magic” review from a user ‘Nyx’ who posted it on the Singapore Magic Circle Forums. This was in fact, our last show for the year and the 2nd -last Season 1 show ever. Read on!

“I was down at The Arena for Ultimate Magic on new year’s eve, 31st Dec 2008, the last show for the year and I have to say that I absolutely had a great time while I was there.

Here is my take on the show. But before you continue, it is important to know that this review is based solely on my opinions, which means it does not contain absolute truths about the show, but simply how I felt during the performance.

Here are some of the highlights (spoilers ahead):

Crystal Metamorphorsis
No sneaky movements, no dubious props and a fully transparent box. And yet, in a flash, the magicians switched places! We have seen this many times but never have we seen it done with a crystal-clear trunk. Very stunning, very entertaining.

Floating Table
Definitely one of the crowd pleasers. I always believed that the greatest magical moments one could experience is the simple and elegant type. The floating table was simple, elegant and breathtaking. Just as JC was preparing to perform and as anticipation built, I could hear a tiny shriek of “Oh my god!” coming from my friend. And as the illusion came live, I definitely saw her shaking. The effect was truly magical; there was just no other way to describe it.

Magicbabe’s Straightjacket Escape
Magicbabe Ning’s signature routine. Being a fan of Harry Houdini and the act of escapes, I cannot believe something like this can be turned into a sexy piece of escape magic and I meant this in a good way. While the magicians’ personas shone through the entire show, JC’s playful and Magicbabe’s feisty, I-can-wear-the-pants-too personalities were clearly evident here and they certainly added the crowning touches to a magnificent show.

Revolution Fan Illusion
The fan was towering ,the roar of its blades deafening, the magic astonishing, original and unexpected. I shall let my friend’s words do all the talking here: “This is my favourite.”.

Extreme Burn
Ultimate Magic’s swan song. This reduced me to a little boy as my heart raced and disbelief struck me as the climax unfolds. A little bit of fire, a little bit of a trapped magician, a little bit of a shocking teleportation and you get a fitting, fitting finale. I just wished it would not end so soon.

Overall, the show had a good variety of magic and the two magicians had great audience interaction. My friend practically had her jaws in her hands the whole time. That pretty much sums up the show.

For people who deemed close up magic (think David Blaine, Criss Angel, etc) to be your cup of tea, Ultimate Magic brings a whole new dimension to your world.

For people who are always fans of stage magic and huge illusions, Ultimate Magic brings original ideas, a fresh dual gender magicians and their charms live on stage.

Before I end, I just want to mention that I am a fan of all kinds of magic. But I really fell in love with grand stage illusions back in the early 90s. With the popularity of close-up, street magic, it was really getting harder to enjoy stage magic on TV or live performances. ”

You can read the original review here


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  1. Aaron says:

    ooh cool! it gets more and more interesting everytime. i like it!

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