Magic Boutique has something brewing…

At the end of Feburary 2009, Magic Boutique has something big planned…. really big. Ning and I have discussed this at length for months but the time was never right due to our various commitments and projects. The time has finally come for this project to become reality.

If you did not know, Magic Boutique is undisputedly Singapore’s No.1 on-line magic store and is owned by our very own ‘Magic Babe’ Ning. It started as The Little Magic Shop, a humble on-line store that Ning started up because she was upset with the state of piracy and dishonesty in magic shops in Singapore. Many educated magic buyers, after either being ripped off or duped into buying pirated magic items, turned to The Little Magic Shop for their magic goods. Providing a good range of products, good service and a great likable personality, The Little Magic Shop became hugely popular within the magic community (except for disgruntled magic pirates and their friends). It was a small but honest business that showed Ning’s entreprenerurial side and passion for magic.

When Ning started working with me and embarked on magic as Singapore’s only professional female magician, I suggested and encouraged Ning to rebrand and rebuild the business. This led to founding of Magic Boutique which Ning calls “The Little Magic Shop all grown up!”. Magic Boutique is one of a handful of official magic reviewers appointed by Murphy’s Magic Supplies in the U.S. and one of the really few magic stores (on & offline) in South East Asia who have a no-piracy policy. While it is understandable why most magic shops pirate – because they cannot survive if they did not; it is no excuse to pirate. My personal opinion is that if you can’t run an honest business, do something else and leave the intergrity of our art alone.

Since 2007, Magic Boutique has worked in tandem with Concept:Magic on many projects, supplying magic props and custom magic effects for special events. It also fulfils monthly orders of dozens of magicians and magic enthusiasts each month. The fact is, the Magic Boutique website is the most comprehensive magic retail website in South East Asia with the most listed items and is frequently updated. It is also incredibly generous with its promotions for customers. Just last month, each $80 spent gets you a DVD (worth $50) free! One guy, I believe, got as many as 12 DVDs!


But I have digressed slightly… This entry is to give you a heads up on a project that will be unveiled within the next week or so. It will be a fantastic contribution to the local magic scene and will be really BIG! I will not let the cat out of the bag as I will allow the official announcement to be made on the Magic Boutique website.

For now, if you are interested in magic and are thinking of buying a few magic DVDs or ‘tricks’, check out the Magic Boutique website at . This month’s promotion for customers is unique for its collectible value 🙂

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3 Responses to Magic Boutique has something brewing…

  1. Elsonwee says:

    This sounds exciting! Is it a show, another mega illusion or what? I have not bought anything from Ning’s shop before although I always go there to read her blog.

  2. Mackieshark says:

    I’m a Magic Boutique customer 🙂 I will be getting 2 free DVDs this month…yay! Can’t wait to find out what this ‘mystery’ project is.

  3. damon says:

    I admire the stand of integrity against the pirates. And i agree that one should do whatever one can to protect the art form he/she loves! So if one cannot earn without integrity, then he might as well change a job.

    The project seems awfully exciting. I’m definitely looking forward to it!

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