Teleporations, Appearances, Vanishes, Penetrations and Levitations…

As professional illusionists, much of our stage work is developing interesting presentations and effects for illusions. In just 3 years, Ning & I have created numerous presentations to fit our combined styles, characters and images. Some did not work out, but most did. Currently, as of this writing, we have 15 professional large-scale illusion acts in our repertoire. This does not count the almost two dozen stage routines and acts that we also perform.

Our illusions include:

  • Dreamscape: Realm of the Sandman
  • Full Throttle Motorcycle Illusion
  • Sports Car Vanish
  • Light & Space
  • 3 Inch Hole
  • Body Through Steel
  • Spiker
  • Crystal Metamorhposis
  • Shadow Box
  • Cross Country Teleportation
  • Extreme Burn
  • Revollusion
  • Crystal Striptease
  • Vertical Sawing
  • The Impalement Cage

The illusions we are most proud of are Dreamscape: Realm of the Sandman, Crystal Metamorphosis and Revollusion as we brought these illusions to a new level through illusion design, presentation or methods.

One of the new illusions added to both Ning’s “Deadly Sexy Magic” Full Show and “Ultimate Magic: Season 2” is “Body Through Steel”. It is a creation of Dan Wolfe from the US but with custom modifications for us. Of course, with ‘Magic Babe’ fronting the illusion, this is a unique presentation that no one else does… or can do for that matter.

Check out some pics below:

steel1The illusion starts with me introducing the steel plate and allowing different audience members to examine it.

steel2Ning then enters the stage and performs her beautifully deadly “Dance of the Sais”

steel3The steel plate is locked into place in a free-standing frame.

steel4Ning proceeds to pass her body through the plate of steel!





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7 Responses to Teleporations, Appearances, Vanishes, Penetrations and Levitations…

  1. chrisD says:

    That’s a very impressive list of illusions. I like your Crystal Metamorphosis and Revolusion the best. But I have not seen the new levitation or this Body Through Steel yet.

  2. michael73 says:

    This illusion looks interesting. I have never seen it in this form before. I have seen magicians use large mirrors but not this. Ning looks hot as usual 🙂

  3. mickey says:

    I like how you guys are always trying to something new in your shows. This is really what makes you different from other magicians. While I like street magic and you do more illusions, you guys are definitely the most famous illusionists in SG!

  4. tonyeatsburgers says:

    I’ve seen sketches of Dan Wolfe’s Thru Steel. Yours looks really good and the presentation seems cool. great work. Do u have a vid?

  5. Elsonwee says:

    Wow, I’ve not read your blog for 2 weeks and you have so many updates. Great to see you guys are doing so many new things. And I’m still seeing Ning in the newspapers a lot. What is the 3 Inch Hole illusion?

  6. ilovemagic says:

    The photos for this Body Through Steel is clearer than the previous ones in your blog. Now I understand how the illusion is supposed to look. thks!

  7. Leonard says:

    You have an impressive body of work and it is amazing to see what local talent has achieved in Singapore in the area of magic. I will be coming down to watch your show soon. I have always liked magic and remember watching David Copperfield on TV. There has never been any Singapore magicians who have reached his level… maybe you guys will be next! 🙂

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