A Look Back at 2008

This is my last blog entry for 2008 and is a look-back at all we accomplished professionally in the year.

2008 was a big year for us. We brought magic to the mainstream in Singapore with projects that have never ever been done before here and did hundreds of things in between. One will be very hard-pressed to find another magic team in this part of the world who have chalked up a track record like this in a single year.

Special Projects

megaescapeposterThis mega escape propelled Ning to stardom and cemented her as more than just a pretty face!

ultimate-magic-poster-blogSingapore’s first permanent illusion show endorsed by the Singapore Tourism Board as a product of Singapore. Who would have ever thought this would be possible?

tijposterThe first ever magic event endorsed and financially supported by STB and the first ever illusion using the iconic Singapore River!


Ning established herself as the most media-covered local magician in history… and me being her “magician buddy” (as described by a blogster) did not fair too badly too. In 2008 alone, we received over 60 different media features for our various projects and on us – that’s more than 1 each week of the year! These included features in every national newspaper and magazine in Singapore.

Ning made 3 maagzine covers and was also voted 16th Sexiest Woman in the World by FHM Singapore. We were both named by My Paper as Razor TV’s “A-Listers”. Converting the PR value into monetary terms, the value = S$4.4 million. Not too shabby… You can see the list of all our media articles on our respective webpages at www.jcsum.com/profile.html  and www.jcsum.com/magicbabe.html

Here are some of my personal favourite features with comments:


 This was early in the year and being featured in The Business Times is an achievement because they covered my serious approach to business and marketing, something not common for individuals in our field.

lustNing received so much publicity for her “Impalement Cage mega escape. This was from FiRST magazine and is a beautiful shot (much better than the mobile phone capture above). In fact, they chose to feature her in their “LUST Page” which is reserved for celebrities.

stuff-lifestyleNing was featured on the cover of the July issue of Stuff magazine but the really hot shot was on the cover of their lifestyle section. Whew!

fhm-jcFHM Singapore featured Ning 5 times in a single year in various features (Dec 2007 – 2008) so, for me to get a two-page spread in the mag was an achievement!

todayWe received a full-page feature in the lifestyle section of TODAY! It features a great photo and gave us great PR!

hotstuffWe were told that this issue was one of the best-selling issues of the year. I wonder why?

wan-bao-2This was a great feature in the local Chinese papers that had great photos. This feature brought a lot of heartlanders down to our “Impossible Journey” mega illusion.

fhm-oct-2008Duh! – ‘Magic Babe’ the 16th Sexiest Woman in the World. I don’t see any other magician ever getting anywhere close to this!


A great way to end the year! This legitmized Ning as a bonafide celebrity as she was singled out as one of 12 female celebrities featured in this The NewPaper feature, alongside celebs such as Fann Wong, Miley Cyrus and Britney Spears!!!

New Illusions

We introduced the most number of illusions ever in a single year into our live shows. On top of our pre-existing repertoire, we added the following illusions:

New Event Shows & Talents Introduced:

Besides “Ultimate Magic”, we also produced new shows and introduced new talents to the local event industry!


I finally finished writing and releasing all my previous illusion books for the magic industry in their 2nd editions. Each book is about 130 pages A4 size in the equvalient of Arial pt 10 font size so it is a lot to write. But, its worth it! After I complete my 4th book “Urban Illusion”, I will not be releasing another book for 4 years.

I started this blog this year and have made 152 entries to date!

We redesigned all our websites and introduced brand new promotional photos this year. Matthew did a fantastic job with www.jcsum.com , www.conceptmagic.biz and www.illusionbooks.com


On a personal level, this year has been a ridiculous roller coaster ride. Plenty of highs as well as twists and turns. I’ve learnt what to work for and more importantly – how and when, unconditionally. B. still n. And I know C 2.

My New Year’s resolution is to never give up…

Best of luck for 2009 🙂


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3 Responses to A Look Back at 2008

  1. Frankie says:

    You guys should be very proud of what you have achieved. Looking at your list of achievements is staggering. I’m sure you have even more planned for this new year. Good luck! I look forward to watching your new acts and stunts!

  2. Davidloh says:

    Both of you are the magic stars of SG! Throughout the year I was always reading about you or seeing you in the news. My friends also knowof you guys. I’m proud that SG has such good local talent. Keep it up!

  3. peter says:

    Wow! Looking at your list of accomplishments in just one year makes me depressed… how do you find the energy or time to do so many things. Just reading it makes me tired. Your dedication and hard work is really admirable and both of you really deserve it.

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