Celebrity ‘Magic Babe’ Ning in The NewPaper, 30 Dec 2008

Ning was featured in a special calender format on 12 female celebrities (6 local, 6 foreign) in today’s The NewPaper. She was listed amongst females like Mediacorp artistes Fann Wong and Dawn Yeoh. Ning is “Ms January” due to her making waves in the UK as the first Singapore magician in history to headline at an overseas magic convention next month.

The NewPaper said of the 12 handpicked women: “… we highlight the top 12 women who dominated the headlines this year.”

I also loved their opening sentence for Ning which was succinct and powerful! “SHE’s Singapore’s only professional female magician, known simply as ‘Magic Babe’ Ning.”

They still recognize her as the only magic-gal in the country who is a full-time professional commercial entertainer!

As usual, Ning looks great in the photo that was taken at SPH last week. Quick, pick up your copy of The NewPaper today!




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7 Responses to Celebrity ‘Magic Babe’ Ning in The NewPaper, 30 Dec 2008

  1. frankie says:

    Well deserved entry! for Ning! She really is a big-time celebrity now!

  2. michael73 says:

    Congrats! Looking good as always

  3. jacksontan says:

    wow! I saw you in TNP today and told my friends that I know you but they do not believe. But they all said you are hot and want to know more about you so I gave them your website 🙂

  4. William says:

    woohoo.. first day back in singapore and i see so much news! it’s really cool man! happy new year too!

  5. peter says:

    Ning looks the best among all the other women 😛

  6. Aaron says:

    is there any tabletop calender of ning? i’d love to have a calender with ning and you as models.. it’ll be so cool!

  7. Mackieshark says:

    Congrats Ning! You are becoming a big celeb now! Don’t forget us whe you reach the top!

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