Magic for Business Events

In a previous entry, I spoke about our work in the arena of business events. This is a specialized application of magic that I detailed here.

Because of our high media profile, more and more organizations have been asking for us to appear at formal business events. Our natural performance style and presentation delivery lends itself very well for presenting at formal business events for executive audiences as they do not see us as ‘entertainers’ but rather, credible presenters who use magic to communicate a message. Can you imagine a magician in sequin tailcoat & top hat who produces birds and handkerchiefs trying to explain how a client’s new integrated supply chain management solution will help customers increase productivity?

As a result, event producers have been asking us to have promotional materials specific to this area of work made available to them. For the new year, we have created a brand new promotional webpage. We wanted it to be part of our main website yet look distinct while retaining the feel of the website.


We decided on the reverse white design with our new photo along with a different header. Presenting for business events is completely different from magic for entertainment and this has to be communicated immediately. As we have a proven track record at presenting at business events, this is reflected in our thumbnail gallery as well as client list. References are available to serious clients who request them.

If you are a conference producer or meetings planner, drop me an email to discuss possibilities of how we can add value to your event.

Check out our brand new webpage catered specifically for business events here.


About J C Sum

International Headline Entertainer, Content Creator and Investor
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2 Responses to Magic for Business Events

  1. ilovemagic says:

    i like the floating cube on the website… very cute. But the write-up is very cheem

  2. leolight says:

    This is an area of magic that not many can do well. But I believe you and NIng are hte best people in the local scene to handle this type of sophisticated work. Its a great market as well! Best of luck!

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