Optimus Prime Rules!

This is a complete random post but a peak into what I do outside magic.

An article on cracked.com (http://www.cracked.com/article_16910_8-old-school-toys-that-got-badass-makeovers.html) recently listed 8 toys from the 1980s that got redesigned and reintroduced in recent years. On the list was my favourite Transformers leader Optimus Prime.

Yes, I’m an Optimus Prime toy geek. Not Transformers as a whole, just Optimus Prime. And Megatron (his arch nemesis) is okay too. (As a 6 year-old, I remember seeing an American kid who had the coverted hard-to-find Megatron toy in his toy collection. This was never sold in Singapore as the transformation was in the form of a Walter PPK gun, which looks very realistic. Over the years, I got several versions of Megatron, in various reissues by Takara and Hasbro. But I digress…)


Optimus Prime is a character in the Transformers universe. He is the commander of the Autobots, a faction of heroic Transformers from the planet Cybertron who wage their battles against the evil forces of the Decepticons for control of their homeworld, and by extension, peace in the universe. You can read more on Wiki here.

I’ve got a decent collection of Optimus Prime toys. All are in sealed boxes. You might ask what the point is to have the toys if you don’t play with them. I guess it is for collectible and resale sake. I do buy two of different versions if I want to play with the transformations as I did with the deluxe movie version. Here is a peek at a some in two display cabinets.



Besides the two 20th Anniversary edition Optimus Primes and the Masterpiece reissue, I have several interesting ones, like the collaboration Takara had with Nike to produce transformable Optimus Prime and Megatron Nike shoes. Check out more photos here.



Check out my Custom Optimus Prime blog at: www.customoptimusprime.com for more photos, examples of my work and learn how to customize your own Optimus Prime.

custom optimus prime


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4 Responses to Optimus Prime Rules!

  1. peter8eight says:

    I didn’t know you liked TF too! Do you have the Optimus Prime ipod docking station?

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  3. oh well, i love Megatron specially his big bazooka on the animated version ..

  4. display cabinets with transparent glass would be the best thing to keep your stuff -.”

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