The Singapore Flyer Gets Stuck

Yesterday, the Singapore Flyer was stuck for about 6 hours when an incident caused the wheel to jam. More than 120 visitors were stuck in the various capsules for the entire duration. As a result, the Singapore Flyer has suspended operations until it is cleared for safety by authorities.

We too have been affected as The Singapore Flyer is one of the locations I teleport from and into The Arena each day for “Ultimate Magic”. But, no worries, we still have 3 other locations that we use so have moved to those places for now till the Singapore Flyer is back on track.


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3 Responses to The Singapore Flyer Gets Stuck

  1. Aaron says:

    if you could only teach the tourists to teleport down from the flyer.. i can’t imagine them being stuck there for 6 hours without food and drinks.. and no toilet.. that must really be horrible..

  2. winston says:

    Poor thing to those ppl stuck in the flyer! Too bad they cannot teleport down … haha

  3. Jack says:

    my goodness.. i cannot imagine that happening in singapore.. i can’t imagine how it’s going to affect singapore’s image in the tourist’s eyes..

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