Customized Illusion Show @ The Hall – The Arts House

After “Ultimate Magic”, we headed to The Hall @ The Arts House to stage a customized illusion show for a corporate event.

Some of the acts we performed included our UV Magic Act, ‘Magic Babe’s’ signature “Straight Jacket Striptease”, ‘Miser’s Dream’ and the “3 Inch Hole”. We also debuted our new steel plate illusion to a live audience for the first time. It went superbly well! It has all the elements of a good illusion – audience participation, fast-paced action, sexy and visual. I see this as becoming another signature act for us (albeit a small one) due to the distinctive spin we have put on its presentation.

Here’s a secret to our approach to illusion performing: As it is a very expensive investment to build or purchase an illusion, we generally work out the exact presentation/ music choice even before building or purchasing the illusion. This ensures we know exactly how it will look like and play in our show even before committing $ to it.  Although it takes a good eye and visual mind to ‘see’ the illusion without having it physically, this approach has served us well.

This is the first time we have performed at The Hall although we were present when they were still renovating it, a month before opening. I mentioned in a previous entry that, earlier this year, we were offered the opportunity to do a weekly show at the dinner theatre venue but we turned it down. We made full use of the stage and customized the show to present the best possible material given the logistic restrictions. The great thing was that the client booked us for our personality and ‘celebrity’ and not for the scale of our acts. And the Japanese client loved out show!

Check out some photos below:

artshouse1Introducing the 7mm steel plate that fits across the width of a free-standing frame

artshouse2Ning’s “Dance of the Sais” as a prelude to the “Body Through Steel” illusion

artshouse4Ning positioned behind the steel plate

artshouse5Melting her body through the solid steel plate

artshouse6Having fun with an audience member with the ‘Straight Jacket Striptease’ routine


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5 Responses to Customized Illusion Show @ The Hall – The Arts House

  1. Elsonwee says:

    that looks like an interesting illusion but the photos still not very clear. Any videos? Ning looks like a female superhero meets dominatrix 😛

  2. icklepicky says:

    I really like your blog as you share so much about your craft. Never knew there is so much behind being a magician. keep it up! you guys rock

  3. Aaron says:

    those are some pretty cool pictures.. are they photos of the new season of ultimate magic?

  4. peter8eight says:

    All your shows look very interesting! I;m going to watch Ultimate Magic next week 🙂 yay

  5. Jack says:

    i think these pictures are from the show for the japanese la.. they’re really nice though.. i bet the japanese must be quite rich to be able to afford a show like that..

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