Ultimate Magic Season 2 Poster

Here is the artwork of the poster for “Ultimate Magic” Season 2 which will run from 1 Jan 2009 –  31 Mar 2009 @ The Arena in Clarke Quay. Since Aug 2008, Singapore’s First Permanent Illusion Show has entertained thousands of people from across the globe.

The new poster is a teaser for Season 2. We changed the colour of the paint splatter to blue to reflect a change, yet retain the visual look of the logo.


For Season 2 , the Arena and Concept:Magic have agreed to run one show a day, instead of two. This is in view of the current global economic downturn and a mutually agreed decision to act prudently given the situation. We will be keeping the 730pm show and consolidating pre-booked tickets from the 530pm show to the single show. The duration of the show will remain unchanged.

Bookings of the show are available through www.thearenalive.com.sg or contacting them directly through their website.


About J C Sum

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5 Responses to Ultimate Magic Season 2 Poster

  1. magdalene says:

    AWESOME poster!! Will it be available for sale? The poster? I’m a huge fan and would love to collect the full series of yur opsters! You and Ning look a fantastic matching pair! 😀

  2. Aaron says:

    wow, you have a season 2 poster? that means you’re gonna have to come up with a lot of posters for the various seasons.. that’s gonna be tough to collect..

  3. winston ong says:

    Looks great! Even better than the first poster!

  4. chrisD says:

    Very COOL!

  5. peter8eight says:

    Your posters all look good. This one makes you guys look like movie stars!

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