Christmas Week is no Holiday

Yesterday was Sunday and it should have been my well-deserved rest day, but I was working. Besides finishing an email interview for a magazine that will be doing a follow-up face-to-face with Ning & myself later this week.

A good part of the day was finishing the choreography and producing the music for our new ‘Steel Plate’ illusion. It took about 6 hours to work out all the fine performance details and tomorrow we will spend about 2 – 3 hours to perfect the execution of the illusion. Dan Wolfe from the US is the creator of the illusion but our handling/ presentation is so different from what he intended! This really is a great “urban illusion” to our shows.

This week, we have 3 corporate shows (one on X’mas eve) from Mon – Wed, all after our daily “Ultimate Magic” shows. We also have to prepare for a photoshoot and interview that Ning will be doing early next week. She’s really getting back into the groove of doing shoots as it has been 2 months since our last media blitz.

My new book for magicians, “Urban Illusions”, is 75% done and I’m still writing it when between all the other work I’m doing. Look out for a sneak peek at the book soon!

The rest of the year will be very busy from the business management aspect of our work. I expect major changes in how I intend to manage the business and restrategize our core competencies to take into account our limited time and in anticipation of a difficult year with 2009.

With luck and faith, hopefully I can look forward to something positive in 6 months into 2009, if not sooner… or maybe not at all.


About J C Sum

International Headline Entertainer, Content Creator and Investor
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One Response to Christmas Week is no Holiday

  1. Aaron says:

    wow, you really are a bad workaholic.. come on man, take a christmas break!

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