Magic is dangerous!!!

Very recently, one of David Copperfield’s illusion crew members got injured in an illusion inolving a giant industrial fan. This illusion has been in Copperfield’s show for years and is a great effect. You can read about the incident here.

When we first heard about the accident, we immediately thought of our very own illusion that features a giant 8ft industrial fan. While completely different effect from Copperfield’s our fan creates a similar amount of power through the strong torque of the motor and is very dangerous when spinning at full speed.

Named “Revollusion”, the sequence starts by having a spectator coming up onto stage to actually have an all-round look at the giant industrial fan. He uses a thick metal pipe to bang the steel blades of the fan to show that they are all solid. He then gets to scrutinize all sides of the fan, top to bottom. Only when he is satisfied and safely back in his seat, does the actual performance begin.

The two most dangerous points of the illusion are when Ning starts it up and is directly behind it. There is no safety grill between her and the spinning blades. If she is not careful, her hair or extremeties can be sucked into the vortex of the spinning fan as what happened to Copperfield’s assistant. Thank goodness that has never happened! The other dangerous part is when I actually attempt to pass through the spinning blades of the fan. While it may appear to be just an illusion, I have had one of my jackets shredded – literally to bits, while rehearsing this illusion. I’ll try to get a photo of it up here soon.





Yes, magic is dangerous! Ning has shown on her blog the numerous bruises and bumps she has received over the months rehearsing and performing. There are many many illusions in our shows that can result in injury – from fire, sharp objects, hard objects moving at speed and the various weapons used in the show. Actually, our most injury-prone illusion is “Crystal Metamorphosis” due to the speed we perform it at. You can watch a performance of it below:


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4 Responses to Magic is dangerous!!!

  1. michaellam says:

    I watched Ultimate Magic last month and this is a very impressive illusion. I was in the front row so could see the fan very clearly and could hear it when the audience member knocked the metal blades. I still do not know how you came out from the fan. Also, the last act, how did Ning appear sitting behind us?

  2. Jack says:

    oh man.. i hope you guys don’t get injured.. you gotta be careful handling knives and big motors like these!

  3. ilovemagic2 says:

    I read about this. I thought all these acts were just illusions… why is it really dangerous? But that is a really big fan…

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