Making Waves at the Southern England Magic Convention in U.K. Next Month

 Here is a promotional shot we took for our upcoming appearance at the Southern England Magic Convention.


If you did not know by now, Ning will be making history by being the first and only Singapore magician to headline an overseas magic convention. Besides carrying her luggage, I will also be a featured lecturer at the same event. You can read about the event and our participation here

Look out for us in the media in these two months as many news outlets have expressed interest to feature us. They are genuinely excited by the fact that we are Singaporeans who have accomplished many landmark magic projects in Singapore that no one has done before; and now we are doing the country proud with our involvement in SEMC. It is heartening when so many different media recognize us as top professionals in this field in SG. The bad news… some ‘warned’ they are seeing us too much 🙂 But, they acknowledge that everything we do is so different each time and we have set the bar very high in the local scene.

More info on our media features and preparations to come!


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6 Responses to Making Waves at the Southern England Magic Convention in U.K. Next Month

  1. leolight says:

    Does this mean we can expect to see you guys in more media once again? You were everywhere a couple of months ago. I know that the media can get fatigued if they feel that they have covered you a lot. But, I’m sure you will find a way around it. Plus, this is a big deal to represent Singapore! Congrats.

  2. jeffstar says:

    You guys never quit. I just saw you do the singapore river teleportation at central and now you are going overseas to perform. Does that mean Ultimate Magic will stop when you are not in SG?

  3. syn1977 says:

    wow! this is quite a big deal right? i’ve never heard of any other singapore magician perform i the UK. I think I saw you and Ning at the Goldheart event at vivo the other day.

  4. chinwah says:

    cool! lucky you guys going all the way to UK to represent s’pore. that’s a simple but nice photo of you guys too. looking forward to a video of that new illusion.

  5. Frankie says:

    Nice! You are starting the new year with a bang! Congrats!

  6. icklepicky says:

    you guys r really SG’s most famous magicians!

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