Homegrown Magic Resonates with International Audiences

For years, we have been professional commercial entertainers who had the good fortune of being flown across Asia to stage our shows for international audiences. The best testimony we get is when we get repeat bookings or referrals based on the merit of our work. Of course with “Ultimate Magic”, we are performing for international audiences most of the time as the show caters to our tourist market. The two frequent specific comments we get on the show is that it has a very modern feel of the show (hence our tagline “Urban Illusions in the City” and Ning & I have very strong chemistry and onstage dynamics which gives the show its personality and uniqueness. These comments have even come from people who have watched top magic shows in Vegas and Europe.

Good magic, like music, is a universal language and will resonate with audiences regardless of their nationality or language spoken. We are pleased that we can present cutting edge illusions in a style that appeals to most audiences and want them coming back for more. Season 2 is around the corner and we are still in rehearsals for the new acts that are going to be rotated into the show.

As often as we can, Ning & I do a meet and greet after our “Ultimate Magic” shows. Recently, I had a chance to spend some time with Jason from Perth who watched the show. He is a magic enthusiast himself and scoured Sinapore for various magic-related entertainment among other things. Hope you had a great time in Singapore Jason! I’ve got a number of friends in Perth so maybe Ning & I will head down to Perth next year for a few shows if our schedule permits!

Jason from Perth


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