Promotional Photo for Business Magic Presentations

A signifcant portion of our bread & butter work is corporate events. Not as entertainment but as business presenters who use magic to motivate, educate and invigorate an executive audience. For the longest time, requests have been made for specific promotional material to reflect that aspect of our specialized application of magic. 

Because, we are booked for a big conference next year, we took a series of new photographs. We needed photos that were un-show biz-like and un-magician-like, because in the work we do for business events, we are not just magicians but presenters who use magic as a vehicle to communicate business messages effectively in a creative manner.

Here is the main promo shot for Ning & myself for our work in business events. It is highly reflective of us as a young, dynamic, well-educated professtional team.


The giant playing card is an intriguing item that creates interest and has some recognition as a magic-relatd tool. The Rubik’s Cube is an item we use a lot in our presentations as metaphors and is symbolic of a creative problem solving challenge. Ning floating the cube again adds interest and it is understood when it is put in context of us as corporate magicians.

Presenting magic for business events is very difficult because of the specific skillset that one must have. It is not for everyone. Almost anyone can present a magic act but not anyone can understand a business and its marketing commmunications strategy and at the same time, connect with an executive audeince.

Ning is fairly new to presenting business magic but with the right direction she has grown into it very well. She has a lot of the qualities needed naturally, is well-spoken and her attractive physical looks help greatly. Over these short few years, she has matured greatly as a presenter on stage. It helps greatly that her foundation is as a performer for high-end corporate events. She is probably one of the few magicians or performers in the world who did not work the traditonal route of birthday parties, small private parties & D & Ds but was straight away thrown into the deep end for high level events. But her grounding in events, as opposed to say a theatre background, has made her relevant and well-suited for business events. I’ve seen many theatrical performers and while excellent on a theatre stage, for events, they appear too ‘over the top’, ‘theatrical and showy, making it very hard for the executive audience to relate to their style.

On a related note, Ning & I have also been working on another show casually over the last year. It is something that we have been developing for the future and just takes a lot of time and effort to produce. It is a completely different style of illusion show that I first developed solo in 2003. No one in Singapore really does this style of show and very few in Asia. Most definitely, no one will be presenting it the way we do due to our distinct presentation style and onstage dynamics.

More on this later…


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2 Responses to Promotional Photo for Business Magic Presentations

  1. leolight says:

    You guys look good! Very dynamic and you seem to be geniunely enjoying yourselves. Its amazing how you guys adapt yourselves so well for different business markets. I gave th review for Ultimate Magic previously and this is an almost 180 degree difference in look. But I’m sure you guy can pull it off!

  2. Frankie says:

    you guys looks different! quite refreshing actually. A change from from Ning’s sexy image too. She looks like a channel news asia preseter ..haha

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