Our Newest Illusion!

As part of our constant effort to renew our illusion acts and invigorate our shows, we are always improving or adding new illusions to our reportoire. This is our latest illusion, built by Dan Wolfe from the U.S. with custom modifications as per my design specifications. It will replace our Spiker illusion in “Ultimate Magic” for Season 2 as well as be featured in Ning’s headlining act at the Southern England Magic Convention next month.


The choreography for the illusion is interesting as ‘Magic Babe’ takes the dominant role in the illusion as she attempts to pass her body through an examined steel plate only after she performs her deadly and sexy ‘Dance of the Sais’ before that.

Look out for the illusion when Season 2 premieres soon!


About J C Sum

International Headline Entertainer, Content Creator and Investor
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2 Responses to Our Newest Illusion!

  1. Jack says:

    that thing looks dangerous.. i hope you guys will be extra careful when performing the illusion.. it’ll be bad if someone gets hurt..

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