Serangoon Residents get an Awesome Comedy Daredevil Escape Show!

After our two “Ultimate Magic” shows, Ning, Ade and myself dropped by a community event where Larry was scheduled to perform. This was the first time we could actually see Larry live in performance due to our daily performance schedule. Larry did a tremendous job entertaining over 300 residents, comprising of children, adults and senior citizens of all races and gender.

As mentioned in my previous entry, Larry’s show is really unique and it was heartening to see the audience really truly intrigued by his acts. Ning & I were there ‘officially’ to critique the show and observed all aspects of the performance. Larry’s show has such a tremendous potential and the content and his distinct style makes him very commericial.

Check out some photos from the show:


Larry’s Fire Act that features him eating two fire sticks at once!


Demonstrating his escape skills by picking through a series of locks with a ball point pen.




The only transparent Straight Jacket Escape act in Singapore!


A departure from the show where Larry solves a Rubik’s Cube while completed blindfolded



The final $100 challenge where an audience member stands a chance to win $100 if Larry does not escape from the final and most difficult series of restraints.


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2 Responses to Serangoon Residents get an Awesome Comedy Daredevil Escape Show!

  1. mich23 says:

    That does look like an extremely interesting show! The straight jacket does look very intriguing, never seen it before! Would be interesting to watch! Hopefully the RC party i’m attending books Larry too!

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