A long Friday…

I have been spending late nights completing my new “Urban Illusions” book which is due out in Jan 2009. So, waking up early for ‘real’ work can be tough. Friday was one such day.

The team was in the office early today. Loads of administrative and marketing work that needed to be done that requires all team members involved. Shawn had to take a ‘break’ from work in the office to perform a show (another form of work) before he came back to join us.

Larry, who besides being the stage manager for “Ultimate Magic” helps manage my illusion products business. We have been fulfilling more than a handful of orders ever since the release of the 2nd edition of my books as well as the pre order of “Urban Illusions”. Orders come from all across the world so in a sense, it is an international mail order business. Larry also now handles our illusions shipments in and out of the country and has just arranged for Ning’s illusion that is arriving this coming week.

As his alter ego is “Larry the Escape Guy” and he has been busy rehearsing his own event show. If you do not know, it is a one-of-a-kind show that features daredevil acts, escapes and comedy. Ning coined the term “Jackie Chan of Escapes” for him. Larry performed for a Japanese insurance company’s customer event tonight and it went well. They loved his material and comedic presentation syle.  Larry is set to perform another show tomorrow for a different type of audience but I’m sure he will do just fine.

I designed a lot of the escape presentations in his show. While I have previosuly designed an escape show as well as two fire shows, I never thought I would be able to designed a full 30-minute show of pure escapes and fire again. Without recycling any material, we have put together a great show with many unique acts; such as a full body lock-picking chain escape, transparent straight jacket escape and full view canvas mail bag escape where a spectator stands a chance to win $100.

I also spent hours doing the music design for Larry’s new show. Music design is an important component of a show as it sets the mood, tone and pace of the show. Good music design also does much more… like giving the show a very polished and professional look as well as create dramatic textures in the experience of the audience. I enjoy designing and producing music and seem to have a natural knack for it. I currently use the popular GoldWace music editing/ mixing software. I’ve joked before… if I can’t make it as a magician, I will starve as a music designer/ editor 🙂

 Check out his video teaser below if you have not seen it yet:

While Larry was doing his show this evening, Ning and I were busy with other team members at “Ultimate Magic”. It was a decent crowd with a good mix of heartlander locals and tourists. On quite a number of shows, we have been presenting the shows bilingually in English and Mandarin so that the large percentage of Chinese-speaking audience members can understand the show. All our shows in China and scripting the show in Mandarin previously has helped tremendously.

My friend and awesome illusion designer from U.K., Mark Parker was in town and dropped by to watch the show. It was great seeing him again and we will see him in London next month too. We have been warned that it will be freezing! We talked for a few minutes after the show, then took some photos with audience members; before rushing off to Orchard Hotel for a corporate gig. Ning performed her One Gal Show and, like the night before, nailed it and thoroughly enchanted and entertained the audience. Her new show is one of the most in-demand corporate entertainment shows now and she is being booked solid back to back.

We ended close to 11pm, had a light dinner and headed back. Where upon, I realized I did not bring my house keeps so I’m locked outside my home, which is where I’m writing this entry with the help of wireless Internet access….zzz. I would teleport if I did not have a policy to only use my powers for good…


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2 Responses to A long Friday…

  1. littlemissbright says:

    Long day indeed!! Erm, you really should keep spare keys somewhere or something, since you are not ‘allowed’ to teleport into your own house!!!!! LOL!

  2. jonny says:

    All of your guys are really multi-talented man! Man of many talents!! i didn’t know magicians have to design their own music too! Most times i thought they just use any pieces that fit!

    Larry the escape guy looks like a cool wacky performer! hope to catch him in action…

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