The Arena @ Clarke Quay fast becoming one of Singapore’s hottest alternative corporate event venues!

We just finished another One Gal Show by Ning for an airforce event at the Ritz Carlton Milennia after “Ultimate Magic”. In fact, one of the “Ultimate Magic” shows at Arena was for a corporate event. We have staged customized versions of “Ultimate Magic” quite a number of times as the main entertainment highlight of an event while a client booked the entire club as their event venue. Some clients we have performed for the in last two weeks include Philips, Nokia, Jotun Paints and next week, HP.

The Arena is perfect as an alternative venue for casual and intimate events for 300 people and below. One of the major draws now, of course, is “Ultimate Magic”. As part of an event package, The Arena will incorporate “Ultimate Magic” into the event. “Ultimate Magic” can be customized to any length and content the client desires based on the program/ budget.

Visit to book the club for your next event.


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