In the works for this Christmas month

We have only about 2 1/2 weeks remaining for this month. I’ve done the first small steps to some things that I’m committed to do so hopefully this will set other things in motion as time goes by. A picture is worth a thousand words but action is worth so much more.

This entry may seem like more of a “to do” checklist than a proper entry… because in a way it is. So, please bear with me.

Rehearsing and loading in the two new illusions for “Ultimate Magic” season 2 will take place very soon. We are still gathering a number of items for the illusions but that is coming along fine.

We are also on working on Ning’s headliner showcase at the Southern England Magic Convention. We also have to work on material for my lecture there I met up with Mark Parker a few days ago and he suggested I also be part of the Q & A he will be doing with The Twins (twin brothers who are one of Europe’s top illusion acts). We will be blogging about this convention shortly as it is something we are quite proud of. Ning will be the FIRST Singapore magician in history to headline an overseas magic convention.

On top of the “Ultimate Magic” shows, we have quite a number of corporate bookings in Dec as well. We will be staging several illusion shows, as well as a special show in The Hall @ The Arts House.

If you did not know, The Hall is actually a dinner theatre venue located at the Annex of The Arts House. Earlier in the year, Ning & I were actually approached to stage a weekly “Illusions of the Mind” show for a minimum of a 3-month period. Unfortunately, because we could not agree on the business model or the marketing of the show so that deal fell through. And at the same time, we were also negotiating for “Ultimate Magic” which we obviously have done. The fact that you probably have not even heard of The Hall suggests how effective their marketing has been.

The Hall is a very cosy venue but has great staging limitations due to its small size. The most challenging thing of perfoming large scale illusion shows for event settings is that the conditions are so variable. What ensures we can always deliver a consistently high caliber show is our experience and ability to design the staging and technical facilities to support the show. We also have an arsenal of illusions that we can stage to fit practically ANY event environment.

Amidst all this, I have to finish up my “Urban Illusions” book.


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4 Responses to In the works for this Christmas month

  1. KG says:

    Do you guys ever have any break at all? LOL. Seems like a lot of stuff to accomplish… but then again, you guys are the magicians/illusionists!

  2. Aaron says:

    2.5 weeks left in the year? wow, i didn’t realise we were that close to 2009! you guys are planning so much ahead, it’s scary..

  3. Jack says:

    wow, i sure hope they invite you to perform for national day.. i’d love to see some spetacular magic in ndp.. but i guess it’s a little difficult considering your time constrains.. haha..

  4. Aaron says:

    woa, that would be cool.. i can imagine jc sum magically appearing a flag or something.. that’ll be super cool!

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