Presenting Magic for Business Events

Between 1996 – 2002, I was very active in presenting customized magic presentations for all kinds of specialized corporate events such as tradeshows, conferences, launches, media events and customer events. In fact, for a few years, I was exclusively working the corporate marketing/ business events market.

So, what is magic for business events? Essentially, magic is used as a marketing communication tool to communicate a business message, highlight a product’s benefits/ features or motivate a corporate team. Effective business presentation skills, a clear concise verbal delivery and creativity are important qualities of a ‘corporate magician’. It is this skillset and the combination of my degree in English language and keen marketing know-how that ensured I was of value to clients.

In the last few years, I’ve been juggling my corporate work with our high profile mega events, TV and illusion shows. Due to time, I was more selective in the type of corporate projects I took on. Another reason was that business events trends changed after the bubble burst which coincided with the 1998 recession. The nature, budgets and emphasis of such events changed and I adapted accordingly.

With the current economic climate and projected downturn for 2009, the trends in corporate marketing events are changing once again. It helps that I’m close with a number of industry partners who serve high-value clients for their business events. It allows me to tailor our work for such changing trends.

With Ning now on board as an onstage partner, the dynamics of the customized business magic presentations we present are completely different from when I worked solo. She adds a tremendous dimension to the presentations, giving them more variety, texture and depth in delivery. Our onstage chemistry has been honed over hundreds of shows in the last 2+ years so it has naturally benefited our more formal business magic presentations. Her university education in Mass Communications has also made her invaluable to contributing marketing presentations with our magic.

Ning & I are currently working on the promotional materials for several new programs we have developed for business events. So, it is something to look out for soon!

Check out some pics from our business magic presentations for major corporate clients:






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