Signature Acts

Over the recent years, our strength has been to be the first in the country to create large spectacular magic events that capture the imagination of the public and media. Although I never set out to create signature magic acts, it would seem that the one type of illusion that is closely associated to me is The Teleportation. From my 50 Storey in 5 seconds teleportion to our Singapore River Teleportation, and the 2 versions of a teleportation we stage in “Ultimate Magic” at The Arena, everyone is now expecting and looking to me for some kind of teleportation illusion to be incorporated into their project. In fact, most recently, we recently did a custom teleportation for the LG X110 Netbook launch.

For the record, I have about 8 different teleportation illusion methods that I have developed and have used most of them for various shows and events over the years. So, my defacto signature act has chalked up a lot of mileage in brand value, PR and bread and butter work.

In 3 short years, Ning has also created signature acts that are associated with her. In fact, her whole distinctive ‘Magic Babe’ style is a signature of hers in itself. But, in terms of performance acts, most people associate two acts with her. Her titilating “Straight Jacket Striptease” and “The Impalement Cage” mega escape that she staged in July 2008. This was a first-of-its kind FULL VIEW escape from a cage of spikes!Ning received more publicity than any other magic event ever in Singapore with her attempting “The Impalement Cage”. She also performed a crazy version with a Straight Jacket for the S League awards last week.

One media personality commented that she would not be surprised if other females try to emmulate Ning’ s feminine take on traditional masculine acts because she has been so successful in creating a brand name with such acts. The main difference that cannot be replicated, of course, is Ning’s natural sensuality, good looks and performance style that makes these signature acts distinct, memorable and newsworthy!

Look out for a new mega illusion we are brewing for next year!


About J C Sum

International Headline Entertainer, Content Creator and Investor
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5 Responses to Signature Acts

  1. TingHui says:

    Awesome! I’ve been looking forward to a new mega illusion from you guys! Great to hear that there’s something coming up in 2009! It’s really really amazing how you guys keep pushing the magic scene forward! Does the new mega illusion have something to do with your signature acts again? Whatever it is, keep it up guys!

  2. john32 says:

    Talk about signature acts.. Honestly anything to do with teleporting, i’d think of you J C. And anything to do with sexy magic, Ning’s the babe that comes to mind. Both you guys are so cool. Definitely looking out for your new mega illusion!!!!!

  3. Aaron says:

    that sounds great! i’ve really loved your megaillusions, and i’m really looking forward to the next one. all the best!

  4. William says:

    8? are you kidding? i mean, if you know how to teleport, that’s already wow, and you’ve created 8 different methods? wow, you’re incredible..

  5. Jack says:

    you’re having another megaillusion next year? wow, i hope it’s better than the chingay thingy, cos from what i read, it sounds really crappy! i’m sure your standards are way higher than that..

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