Reinvigorating Ultimate Magic for Season 2 with a New Levitation Illusion

Season 2 of “Ultimate Magic” is around the corner and as part of the production plan, we will be changing things around, tightening up the show and introducing new illusions.

If all goes according to plan, we are bringing in 2 new illusion acts for the show. A Neil Gaiman-inspired Sandman presentation for a levitation illusion is a new highlight of the show. The fundamental presentation of this illusion act is Ning’s baby. She had a very theatrical approach to this illusion that I loved and it gives the production more dramatic texture and depth. As a film student and vivacious reader with an avid imagination, she has a unique fresh approach to the presentation of illusion.

Typically, elaborate presentations of magic do not work well in event settings, which were our typical performing venues. However, now that we have settled into the Arena for one season, it is time to explore and grow the show creatively. So, Ning’s presentations fit very well for “Ultimate Magic” and it is my job to take her ideas and produce them to a practical piece for the show. This presentation involves various elements and lead-up magic effects that lead up to the finale levitation. I’ll give more details in time to come so as to not spoil the surprise.

We are also bringing in a new illusion in the form of a steel plate penetration illusion by Ning. This will be choreographed with her beautifully wicked “Dance of the Sais” which is always very well received.

Finally, I have developed a brand new version of my “Miser’s Dream” coin routine that is also a “sleight of hand” highlight currently in the show. I’ve introduced this new version in the last 10 shows with great response. Currently, I’m producing the new music for this segment.

Our onstage chemistry has also been raised to new heights through deliberate efforts and the trials of the daily shows. This had made for a very interesting and entertaining dynamic in the show that gives the production that more personality and distinctiveness.

“Full Throttle” and “Spiker” will be taken out and rotated in for our corporate & special event shows along with “Light & Space”, “Vertical Sawing” and the “3 Inch Hole”.

Look out for photos of the new illusions soon!


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2 Responses to Reinvigorating Ultimate Magic for Season 2 with a New Levitation Illusion

  1. edger says:

    I’ve always loved the onstage chemistry between you and Ning. It is evident that both of you are great together on-stage! I can’t wait to see the final levitation illusion when it’s introduced. Coming from you and Ning, i can already see it as a masterpiece!

  2. Dan76 says:

    WHOo! I really dig levitating magic! That’s so totally out of the reality realm man! I’ve seen Ning’s sai dance before, awesome wickedness! Penetrating steel plate sounds something awesome coolness. Do let us fans know when you put it in the show. I’d def check it out, man.

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