“Crystal Metamorphosis” Double Teleportation Illusion

For those who have not watched “Ultimate Magic” or did not come for the official launch or did not join us for Class 95FM’s “Fearless Fun Female” Showdown at The Arena, here is a peak at one of illusions from the show.

An original designed double teleportation that is one of the fastest versions of such an illusion that use a see-through case.

Watch it live for yourself anytime at The Arena, 6 days a week, 2 shows a day!

Don’t Blink! (Updated 22 Oct 2009)

Watch it & rate it at YouTube here


About J C Sum

International Headline Entertainer, Content Creator and Investor
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7 Responses to “Crystal Metamorphosis” Double Teleportation Illusion

  1. William says:

    that’s really a rare illusion! are there any other shows in the world where there are 2 magicians who perform as equals? you guys are my idols! rock on!

  2. Edmund McGuire says:

    A very impressive piece of stage magic! Jc Sum, this must be one of your most crowd-pleasing acts ain’t it? The audience, simply put, were at awe at the sheer speed of the illusion, and I might add, I am too, in the comfort of my home, you had my attention and full support for the time frame of the video. Jc, you never fail to amaze the common folk, and with that in mind I solemnly promise to one day go to Singapore to watch this illusion show live. Many, many thanks for the videos online!

  3. Lillian says:

    dont blink is right jc! sweet jesus that such is a neat piece of magic isnt? such speed the metamorphosis is performed at, really amazing stuff! i’m now a fully, fully converted fan! was kind of a sceptic at first because i’m a cynic and i dont really believe in magic but oh my god have you blow my mind away!

  4. Sean Jamie says:

    A nagging feeling says that this crystal metamorphosis double teleportation illusion should be a mainstay in your permanent illusion show, if you did not already knew that(unlikely, haha). Visually, its a breathe-taking experience, even watching it on youtube. Pray, do hold on this to illusion and maybe even copyright it, lest some unwitty lowly magician tries to copy your act. Good luck now!

  5. Aaron says:

    i saw it on ultimate magic, but it’s better to see it on the video. i was too far from the stage the other time.. it’s really good!

  6. pennyb22 says:

    Great Blog Keep Up The Good Work ..Cheers 🙂

  7. winston ong says:

    Freaking awesome man! I saw the other youtube videos of ppl trying to do the same kind illusion but with a wooden box. Yours is so much better and faster!

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