Singapore’s Magic Media Darling is Vanilla Mag’s Oct 2008 Cover Gal

‘Magic Babe’ Ning is the cover gal for Vanilla magazine, along with a 12-page feature! This pictorial is different from anything else that Ning has ever done and shows a different side of ‘Magic Babe’.

The photos show Ning’s diverse image and styling that has made her a media favourite.

Executive stylist Fongfan, who has styled all the top Mediacorp celebrities, said this of Ning: “She’s the most beautiful Vanilla woman I’ve shot. Period. My only regret is that I didn’t have more time with her!”

Celebrity Make-up Artist, Majorie Teo-Aldridge, (who has worked with top celebrities like Gong Li, Zhang Ziyi, Fann Wong and Zoe Tay) observed this of Ning: “She’s a very nice girl, and very pretty for a magician! With her looks,she can be a model. Plus, she has that X-Factor. But she chose to do what she loves – that’s fantastic.”

Bear in mind, these are all entertainment/ media industry veterans speaking.

Ning is officially Singapore’s most profiled professional magician in the media; with 3 magazine covers (this year alone) and over 50 pages of media features in print and on-line, not to mention TV & radio. What more can be said about Singapore’s only professional female magician? Well, look out for her part in our next mega illusion!


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7 Responses to Singapore’s Magic Media Darling is Vanilla Mag’s Oct 2008 Cover Gal

  1. Sure to Grab it 2moro…!hahaha
    I just finished watching the VCD I got last wednesday
    It’s very well done,and very 惊险 at the ep 15

    Hope to see more street magic series from u soon…
    Really hope to see those street magic LIVE…as compared to those seen on SPHMBO or VCD…cos at least U practically get to feel the thril out of it!

  2. jcsum says:

    Thanks Darren for your support! Glad you liked it 🙂 You’ll be the first to know if we are doing any Street Magic live. We’re currently working on a brand new mega illusion for next year! Keep checking the blog!

  3. Gary says:

    That seems like a very article to read. Must get myself a copy, if not I’ll be missing out! Haha

  4. michael73 says:

    loved the way you wrote this entry. Ning is really a magic celebrity now! Every other week, I flip through magazines or newspapers and I see her. I will be looking out Vanilla to add to my collection… haha

  5. Sandy says:

    I bought the magazine and it has a very interesting write up and pictures in it! Fans of Ning better get it or you will sure regret. Haha

  6. JuicyApple says:

    No wonder everybody is telling me to get this magazine. Simpley because Ning is on it! Worth every cent!

  7. longkangman says:

    I like how ning was mentioned in the magazine! And of course the photos were just fantastic! Those have not got the magazine better get it to see the fantastic photos.

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