Magic Babe’s Best Mag Cover Yet – HOTstuff Car Magazine

Breaking News: Professional Magician turned Fashion Model appears in her best cover for a magazine yet!

‘Magic Babe’ Ning appears hot and sexy in costume for the cover of “HOTstuff” car magazine (Sept 2008). She is also featured in 8+ pages with a 2-page interview. She appears in three different outfits and models alongside cars and gagdets. Here is what the Assistant Editor said in his column:

“Here at HOTstuff, our ‘feng shui’ that brings us prosperity comes not in the form of fire-breathing mythological creatures, but in the form of our cover models. You could say that they’re the ones who ‘bring us luck’. This month, our ‘good feng shui’ is none other than Singapore’s most prominent female magician, ‘Magic Babe’ Ning. She takes centrestage to show us what she’s got, and believe us, it certainly ain’t just her cards and sais. Find out more in her interview.”

Ning will have completed a ‘hat-trick’ by appearing on 3 covers of magazines in 2008. “Stuff” in July 2008, “HOTstuff” in Sept 2008… and “Really Hot Stuff” in Oct 2008… Just kidding, the last one is for a women’s magazine that will show a completely different side of Ning and showcases her tremendously versatility.

Buy your copy of HOTstuff today!

Check out sneak peaks at the official HOTstuff website here:


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11 Responses to Magic Babe’s Best Mag Cover Yet – HOTstuff Car Magazine

  1. Frankie says:

    Sheesh! Magic Babe looks fabuolus as usual! I browsed through 7 eleven earlier today but did not see the magazine on sale. i’m assuming it just came out. Congrats again for another magazine cover. She really is a “professional magician turned fashion model”… haha

  2. jennifer says:

    Ning looks so sexy… I’m sure all the experience from her all her photoshoots really help. It is cool that she gets to pose with all these flashy cars and be featured in all these magazines. More power to you gal!

  3. iguana says:

    Ning looks hot! I will surely get the magazine when it comes out. I can have a Ning collection this month. haha

  4. guppyman says:

    Just went to the link. Hot stuff indeed! Magic Babe looks just FINE! 🙂 But why is she the only model without vital stats listed?

  5. Benny says:

    The cover looks totally hot man! Sure going to get myself a copy. That is one hot sexy magician!

  6. Aaron says:

    wow, she sure is active! where does she get all the time to be featured in so many magazines among her busy schedule practising for her shows? i wonder how she manages that..

  7. konga99 says:

    Looks likes very hot and the website! I wonder will the magazine be burning when it comes out. No way I’m going to miss it.

  8. Dennis says:

    That pictures looks hot man! Sure to get myself a copy, or else I’ll be beating my chest hard it I were to miss it. Cant Wiat!

  9. Hona says:

    Ning is getting featured in so many magazines, yet I still can’t get enough of her. She is like the hotest magician I’ve ever seen. Bringing magic to my life and such an inspiration to us all.

  10. Johnny says:

    Thats a burning hot ning over there! I must get a copy for myself, because I’ve never seen Ning so hot before. It is out right?

  11. Gushyah says:

    Ning just look so hot in the magazine! Those people who do not want to miss out such a hot babe better get yourself a copy! Hot babes and cars, wad else can a guy ask for?

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