Magic Babe Looking Sexy for the Cover of Hot Stuff Car Magazine

A day after our private showcase of “Ultimate Magic” to the event industry, Ning, Ade & myself headed down for a half day photoshoot for Hot Stuff magazine.

‘Magic Babe’ is going to be the cover model (as well as featured model with interview) for the Sept issue of Singapore’s only magazine for modified cars. The styling for this magazine is really good and is a perfect vehicle (pardon the pun) for ‘Magic Babe’ to strutt her stuff off stage. She got to pose in front of a cool competitive racing car in a variety of outfits, including her own stage costume.

This will be Ning’s second cover in 3 months.

Here are some exclusive behind-the-scenes photos from the HOT shoot…. it really was a hot day and it was an outdoor shoot.

Photographer & ‘Magic Babe’ @ work

Posing for the cover shot with her signature Sais

Looking great by the side of the car

‘Magic Babe’s’ stage movement skills bring a dynamic quality to her modelling work – something the Hot Stuff photography team acknowledged and appreciated.

Yet another sultry sassy pose

Our degree of creative control on the shoot ensured that ‘Magic Babe’ retains her strong sexy image. This gal will not be shot in any kind of submissive, weak, stereotypical poses.

Another outfit for the interior spread of the magazine. The choice of the playing card-fan in Ning’s hand ensures she is differientiated from a typical model.

A shot of the same pose from behind the photographer’s lens

The last shot of the day

So many (curious and awe-strucked) people took pictures with Ning… she grabbed me to ensure I did not feel left out.

Do pick up the issue of Hot Stuff, coming out in the first week of Sept 2008.

In related media news, Ning was featured in today’s issue of ‘My Paper’ in a fantastic 2-page spread. The article highlighted our upcoming “The Impossible Journey” mega illusion over the Singapore River for Central on 24 Sep 2008.

Tomorrow is also our 2nd sneak preview for “Ultimate Magic”. Buy your tickets from SISTIC as there are only 3 more sneak previews at promotional rates this Aug 2008!


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11 Responses to Magic Babe Looking Sexy for the Cover of Hot Stuff Car Magazine

  1. james1967 says:

    Whew! Ning looks hot! Her popularity just continues to soar and it is no wonder why. Where do you guys find the time to do so much???

  2. LK Chun says:

    Wow! That is one HOT car and one HOT babe! Really looking forward to getting my hands on the September issue of HOT STUFF!! Lovely~

  3. freddychan says:

    Seems like Ning is going to appear on another newspaper and magazine. Thats just great! I’ll get to read and know more bout the magic babe, has been wondering what she does other than magic.

  4. chrisD says:

    Ning looks amazing as usual… simply stunning. What more can you ask for… a hot chick and a cool car 🙂

  5. micheal73 says:

    Waoz… ning is a babe man. what magazine is next…

  6. Lanny says:

    Just by looking at the pictures I know I can expect a fantastic photo outcome when the magazine come out. Simply just can’t wait for hot stuff to come out. Next month right?

  7. Xin jia says:

    Ning just looks hot in the pictures! I bet the pictures in the magazine si going to be hotter, along with those cars. Just like a perfect magazine combination.

  8. antsayz12 says:

    that’s a nasty bruise. ning has got to take better care of herself. what trick were you guys doing that could go hurt so badly. anyway, aside from the brusie, ning looks incredible. she should be a model haha

  9. superkofi says:

    Ning looks good… drool……. love her look in the 3rd photo. when will this mag be out?

  10. harry says:

    Hey, where did you girls have the photos taken? Looks like a very nice place. Hardly can wait for the magazine to come out

  11. Nice model and look so hot

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