FiRST Movie Magazine features ‘Magic Babe’!

Ning is featured in 3 pages of the July issue of FiRST magazine. She was originally slated for just two pages but they found her such a strong personality that they also featured her in the LUST Page (a play on the last page). This page is usually reserved for international movie stars and celebrities so it is a great credential towards Ning’s growing celebrity status.

The photos for the FiRST shoot are beautifully stylish and make ‘Magic Babe’s’ star shine really brightly! Pick up your copy today.


Once again, congrats and respect must be given to our new PR team who have executed an effective campaign that has created quite a buzz within the media scene. As any marketing, publicity or advertising professional knows, PR coverage is worth multiple times more than advertising, in terms of marketing value and credibility. Anyone can advertise.

But, as a senior journalist pointed out to us recently, it takes a newsworthy product with high commercial value to be picked up by the media in the forms of features, articles or interviews. And if multiple media publications owned by different owners cover the same product, it is testimony that that product has universal mainstream relevance and interest. We are just pleased that we have crafted ‘products’ in the form of stage personalities, magic events, shows and illusions that the mainstream media, public and even country see value in. Our hard work is paying off!

For any marketing initiatives, media coverage is a key performance index that is used to measure the success of the campaign. Our PR team submitted this report on all the media coverage we have received/ will receive for our current major projects for this year as of the last 2 months:

  • The Straits Times, LIFE (30 Apr 2008 )
  • Shin Min Daily (2 May 2008 )
  • The Straits Times, Review (10 May 2008 )
  • LUSH 99.5FM (24 May 2008 )
  • MagicSeen (May 2008 )
  • The New Paper (7 Jun 2008 )
  • (Jun 2008 )
  • Stuff (Jun 2008 )
  • (23 Jun 2008 )
  • Channel News Asia Singapore News (23 Jun 2008 )
  • Channel News Asia Primetime Morning (24 Jun 2008 )
  • Channel 8 News (23 Jun 2008 )
  • Channel U News (23 Jun 2008 )
  • Channel 5 News (23 Jun 2008 )
  • “Morning Express” Class 95 FM (24 Jun 2008 )
  • The Straits Times (24 Jun 2008 )
  • Lianhe Zaobao (24 Jun 2008 )
  • The NewPaper (24 Jun 2008 )
  • My Paper (24 Jun 2008 )
  • TODAY (24 Jun 2008 )
  • 8 Days (26 Jun 2008 )
  • Stuff (Jul 2008 – Cover )
  • Friday Weekly (4 Jul 2008 )
  • TODAY (Jul 2008 )
  • FHM (Jul 2008 )
  • NewMan (Jul 2008 )
  • Her World (Jul 2008 )
  • FiRST (Jul 2008 )
  • Time Out (Jul 2008 )
  • Current Events (Jul 2008 )
  • FHM (Aug 2008 )
  • FiRST (Aug 2008 )
  • Stuff (Aug 2008 )
  • FiRST (Sept 2008 )

This translates to about 50+ pages of PR in total.

Whoo Hoot! Objectively, that’s decent coverage by any form of measure!


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11 Responses to FiRST Movie Magazine features ‘Magic Babe’!

  1. Matt Hanson says:

    Good writing. Keep up the good work. I just added your RSS feed my Google News Reader..

    Matt Hanson

  2. Nita says:

    o_O Man! That’s a LOT of mags and media you peeps are appearing on! Wow!

  3. Lesrine says:

    No wonder i keep reading about Magic Babe, Ning and the illusions that you all are doing. Over 50 pages of PR!!

  4. Wei Hong says:

    I am seriously impressed with the your PR team. Congratulation! I am sure you will get a pay rise after this.

  5. jermarcus says:

    Magic Babe, Ning can be considered as an international star. I bet there are people from over the world that know her.

  6. Peter says:

    I think the reader can’t get enough of Magic Babe so every magazine want to interview her. 50++ in just 2 months!!

  7. Aaron says:

    cool.. more and more articles..

  8. William says:

    i should go and get one too.

  9. Jack says:

    where can i get this magazine? the shop downstairs at my home doesn’t seem to have this magazine..

  10. Jaya says:

    you can get it from any major bookstore.

  11. Ronnie says:

    wow, that’s the 5th magazine already!

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