“The Impossible Journey” Mega Illusion for F1 Singapore Grand Prix Season

“South East Asia’s Biggest Magic Event at the Singapore River” ~ ChannelNewsAsia

“Watch homegrown illusionists J C Sum and ‘Magic Babe’ Ning attempt to “teleport” 3 shoppers across the Singapore River in 2.5 seconds.” ~ TODAY

“Two illusionists for F1 event in September; wil teleport across Singapore River in 2.5 seconds” (headline) ~ Lianhe Zaobao

It is official! Our next mega illusion (#2) will be attempted on 24 Sep 2008, Wed, as part of the Singapore River Festival organized by the Singapore Tourism Board (STB). STB is organizing this inaugural festival as a highlight of the first ever Grand Prix F1 season that runs from 20 Sep to 5 Oct 2008.

The F1 GP season is considered by STB to be the most important event in the year’s calendar of events. The GP is projected to have a tremendous positive impact on businesses, tourism and contribute to Singapore’s position as a destination and location for major international events.

I was a panelist/ speaker during the STB press conference held today when the official announcement was made. I presented the mega illusion to over 40 media representatives. Ning & I subsequently took post-conference interviews with the media as well.

 Me sitting with the other 7 panelists for the STB Press Con at Helipad @ Central.

Media present included a representative from every major media outlet.


Our mega illusion was SINGLED OUT as a highlight of the season and was featured on Channel News Asia (TV & Online), Ch5, CH 8 & Ch U news at night! It was also featured on Primetime Morning (24/6) on ChannelNewsAsia and Channel 5.

Check out CNA’s story here: http://www.channelnewsasia.com/stories/singaporelocalnews/view/355938/1/.html

TODAY also highlighted our illusion here http://www.todayonline.com/articles/261279.asp

We made the cover of Lianhe Zaobao as well as the headline for the article on the GP Season. http://www.zaobao.com/sp/sp080624_506.shtml

The NewPaper and My Paper also highighted the mega illusion

The Straits Times mentioned “an illusion show” but gave no details.

Glenn Ong and the “Flying Dutchman” also talked about us (ok… maybe more time was spent raving about Ning) on their hugely popular morning show on Class 95FM and plugged our projects. Both Glen and FD have been long-time industry partners. Glen was the emcee for the press con too. Thanks guys!

Several weeks ago, we were approached to design a mega illusion that involved the iconic Singapore River as a key event of the Singapore River Festival. It was my work on TV, my “Impossible Teleportation” from last year, Ning’s upcoming “The Impalement Cage” and our “Ultimate Magic” permanent illusion show that caught the attention of STB.

Their research found no other magic team in the country that had a similar proven track record in creating publicity-generating magic projects that capture the imagination of the mainstream media and public. These proven successes (plus all the media interviews we were featured in in the last 2 months) gave STB the confidence for us to represent Singapore and be a showcase of local talent to the world. Ning & my “Urban Illusions in the City” performance style and illusions also gelled perfectly with the festival – modern, contemporary and relevant to Singapore’s vibrant nightlife.

With initial contact through The Arena (thanks Richard!), we were requested to be part of this first-of-its-kind event by staging an illusion spectacle never before seen in Singapore or South East Asia.

The result of a brainstorming session with the Concept:Magic team and subsequent site inspections gave birth to “The Impossible Journey”, the mega illusion over the Singapore River. In this world’s first, Ning & I will attempt to teleport 3 lucky people across the Singapore River in 2.5 seconds!

After conceptualizing and working on a production budget, Central jumped in to be presenting organizer for the mega illusion. 3 different locations along the river bank in front of their promenade will also be used as the starting points of the teleportation. The illusion spectacle is being fully supported, financially and promotions-wise, by Central and STB.

It is an honour and privilege for Ning & myself to spearhead another ‘first’ in magic; this time, in a capacity to represent Singapore and elevate local magic to a level that has never been achieved before. This is the first ever magic event in history that STB is commissioning!

Check out the promo teaser visual that accompanied my press conference presentation. Actual poster artwork will be ready in 2 weeks.

Time to start digging the tunnels under the Singapore River…

29 Sept 2008 update: To read how the mega illusion went, read my entry here


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19 Responses to “The Impossible Journey” Mega Illusion for F1 Singapore Grand Prix Season

  1. Aaron says:

    omg, juz 3 random spectators?

  2. Jack says:

    is it free is it free? :p

  3. William says:

    is it on a boat (since it’s on singapore river)?

  4. Yundi says:

    Hey, nice blog!!

  5. Frankie says:

    Cool.. i work juz around clarke quay area, but i never saw you there before.. will keep a lookout for you! get to see you around then.

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  8. Jeanette says:

    interesting. how will you single out the 3 spectators? can i be one of them? :p

  9. Crysis says:

    I volunteer for the 3 spectators! It will surely be a once in a lifetime experience for the 3 lucky spectators

  10. Ming Hui says:

    I always feel like being a magician every single time after i read your blog. Life as a magician seem to be so excited and full of unexpected events. Attend press conference, design magic illusion and so on.

  11. Jermarcus says:

    Since it is a F1 event, why not appear a F1 car as well? or teleport a F1 car also?

  12. Pris says:

    You will definitely to famous after performing this illusion. People from all over the world are watching.

  13. Lesrine says:

    Yea.. together with the over 50++ pages of PR. I think your business will grow more and more

  14. chloe says:

    How to be one of the lucky 3 to be teleported? Can there be a lucky draw or something so that I also get a chance to be chosen?

  15. chloe says:

    By the way, how to get a copy of the poster? It’s cool and I want to hang one in my room.

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