‘Magic Babe’ Ning in Stuff Exclusive Sneak Peak Photos – HOT!

When we first spoke with Stuff to be our media partner for “The Impalement Cage” and “Ultimate Magic”, they were excited to embark on a branding exercise with us. They saw the potential and excitement the projects would generate two months ago and the results are very apparent now, as we build towards the first major event on 5 Jul 2008.

Stuff was also excited to have Ning as the cover girl for their Jul issue as it was a radical departure from their typical models. I was happy to negotiate the use of The Arena and close it off for the entire day for the private shoot. Stacy from Lotus Limousines also saw the value in allowing us the use of the only stretch-limo in Singapore as a ‘location’ for part of the shoot. Ade did a fantastic job in organizing everything with muitple parties.

The grueling 10-hour shoot saw us work with Nicholas Scaturro of B-Scene Studios who brought his truckload of equipment and professional gear for the job. I’ve attached a sneak peek of the photos below:

Magic Babe Ning Stuff 1 Magic Babe Ning Stuff 2 Magic Babe Ning Stuff 3 Magic Babe Ning Stuff 4 Magic Babe Ning Stuff 5 Magic Babe Ning Stuff 6 Magic Babe Ning Stuff 7 Magic Babe Ning Stuff 8 Magic Babe Ning Stuff 9 Magic Babe Ning Stuff J C

Watch out for the July issue of Stuff Singapore – our official gadget lifestyle magazine!


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10 Responses to ‘Magic Babe’ Ning in Stuff Exclusive Sneak Peak Photos – HOT!

  1. Derrick says:

    Absolutely HOT. Thank you for the preview of the arena. Seriously i can’t wait to catch the sneak preview at the Arena. When and where will the photos be published?

  2. jcsum says:

    The photos will be published in Stuff Magazine by the 2nd week of July or maybe even earlier. Ning will be on the cover, so look out for it!

  3. Ming Hui says:

    Thank you very much! Can’t wait for the photo to be out, especially the Moulin Rouge-inspired shot. Haha

  4. Nboy says:

    Lovely Photos! Where can i get to know Ning personally? Would love to be friends! Def going to grab this issue of Stuff..

  5. Jack says:

    wow.. i can’t imagine her being linked to magic at all! it’s so impressive!

  6. Jenny says:

    I think the first photograph is a bit too revealing. Guess you have to sacrifice a bit to make it big..

  7. Derrick says:

    Thank you JC Sum for that information. Think the only thing i can do now is to wait .

  8. Jeanette says:

    yea.. i agree that the first photo is too revealing. i wouldn’t dare to do that..

  9. Crysis says:

    I believe it will be alright if you have the body, and She have it so if you have it, flaunt it. 🙂

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